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Paul (Brooklyn, US)

I’m an Aussie living in New York and had a family trip planned to the UK with our kids to visit the wife’s English side. Hoping to show my two young boys some action at the hallowed home of cricket, I got Fixture to sort all the details on the recommendation of a mate who was raving about them. I knew it had to be simple and free of hassles to stay in the good books, and also had our sanity to protect with two little ones along for the ride. I couldn’t have been happier with what the Fixture team put together. The logistics seemed to have been painstakingly set out (by them, not me!), and everything from the hotel to the transportation, great seats, special treatment and instant service when a minor issue came up, was first class. An amazing trip thanks to these guys, even the wife had to admit it. I can’t recommend them highly enough and look forward to using them again soon.

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